Programs and Services

VSA assists pet owners through a variety of programs
For information about these programs, call 401-273-0358.

Spay/Neuter Promotion
VSA encourages spaying and neutering pets to reduce the critical overpopulation of unwanted animals and to provide pets with long-term physical and emotional health. VSA provides information about low cost spaying and neutering.

Humane Education Program
VSA sends volunteers to schools and youth groups to teach about responsible companion animal ownership and care, and about co-existing with wildlife and their habitats, the plight of chained dogs and feral cats, and exotic animals as pets.

Legislative Advocacy
VSA advocates for humane laws at local and state levels. VSA also supports national efforts to improve conditions for all animals, including companion and farm animals, circus animals, wildlife, and for the environment.

Public Showings of Adoptable Animals
VSA chapters show adoptable animals to the public and finds them good, permanent homes at PetCo stores in Providence and Cranston.